Where is everyone right now on the plot of Trumpet Creeper? If I remember correctly, we know from the script that Prince Kyung has the title Daegun (대군) (correct me if I’m wrong, because it could just be Gun). This means, as we know, that his mother was Queen Consort before her death (murder?).

After the death of the King, it was Jinmichae who ascended the throne as the first-born son of the King (despite being the son of a lower-ranked consort) instead of Kyung.

Prince Kyung believes he has rightful claim to the throne and is using Danoh, the daughter of prominent court official Eun Mooyoung, to gain favour within the court in order to eventually dethrone his half brother and become King.

Haru is Kyung’s right-hand man (military ranked, but probably not the captain of the guard, since that role would be reserved for one of the King’s men), who basically does whatever the Prince asks of him.

The big question now: What could Danoh’s role in the story be beyond being Kyung’s wife-to-be, and why did that eventually lead her to her death? Can characters die in the Shadow, or did she die as part of her Stage which Haru was trying (but failed) to change?


    In Secret, Dan Oh’s character was set to die from a heart disease. Since Flower is a historical manhwa, it’s not surprising if Dan Oh was set to die on stage too. To prevent Kyung from ascending the throne, someone gave the order to kill Dan Oh. Was it Jinmichae to protect the throne or someone else? Maybe the concubine?

    Nam Ju’s family business looks like a parallel to the Kyung’s royal family. I’m not sure if it’s just a mere ressemblance because of the manhwa writer’s laziness (LOL) or if it’s a hint. Nam Joo competes with his brother to inherit the family business like Kyung did in Flower.


      Maybe the concubine? Jinmichae doesn’t seem like the kind of character to do that, and right now the only antagonists are Kyung and Namju/Jinmichae’s mother.

      Jinmichae seems to think it’s the writer’s laziness/lack of creativity that’s responsible for the similar set-ups, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were really that 😂 It’s interesting to me that in Secret, death is a very visible thing for Danoh, whereas in Flower, it seems to be one of those surprise tragic twists.