Romance Is A Supplement Ep 6:-

1) Wow. Director Go was…a journey. I had initially been annoyed by how she was poisoning what seemed to be a great working environment, but then we find out that she didn’t actually rip Danyi’s idea off (even if it was unbelievable). She was also right about Danyi not being eligible for being credited as the head of marketing for that one book. What we saw was Danyi giving some creative inputs on the book itself, for presentation purposes. It was not marketing. There are so many other aspects of it i.e. press releases, advertisements, sponsorship deals, etc. We didn’t see Danyi participating in the planning of any of these. So really, the majority of the work really was done by Ms. Seo & her team. Director Go was completely right & I like that the show did this because otherwise, it would have been way too unbelievable & contrived. Anyone sitting in that meeting can give ideas. So I am irritated that Director Go is being treated like the bad guy, when its everyone else’s fault for giving Danyi false hopes. I have always hated it when women in power who are also single & without children, are painted as villains of a story. While the resolution of the copycat arc gives me hope about this trope being subverted, the show also did use Eunho to insinuate that Director Go is wrong in the credit ordeal, by making him say stuff like “this organization is still run by people” & “the marketing this time round was flawless, Danyi” when a) she hasn’t done enough work on this project to get that credit & b) she has no credentials to her name to prove that she can handle heading an entire department. Anyways, now I want Director Go & Danyi to bond, for her to become our FL’s mentor.

2) Speaking of Eunho, I didn’t mind his agitation in the restaurant scene because it was about his own personal equation with the SML. He wasn’t that bothered about her neighborhood friend before he knew it was the SML. Plus, it was happening in front of Danyi who could easily stop Eunho if she found anything uncomfortable. I also liked that when Danyi explained her relationship with Eunho in very cavalier words, he insisted against it once, but then shut up, respecting her. HOWEVER, that whole conversation at the staircase, in Danyi’s absence, was not ok. He was giving a false image of their relationship to a complete outsider. Even if it was in response to the SML being creepy, it was still not ok & if he did it, he should have fessed up to Danyi about how he implied their relationship was something more, & asked for forgiveness. This is shitty writing because it is not consistent with Eunho’s character. He is mature enough to not resort to silly dick posing. The Eunho I had seen would have calmly said how he didn’t think what the SML was saying, was right. He also would NEVER have implied that there was something more between him & Danyi, because of how careful he is about hiding his feelings for her, especially if it is in front of someone Danyi is seemingly interested in. This is just not the way he deals with such situations, & we have seen it before too.

3) Danyi made me question her age in this ep. I get that she likes the attention she is receiving, but how can she not have alarm bells ringing in her head when the SML said what he did at the restaurant, while looking at Eunho, in a challenging way, instead of genuinely confessing it to her. It was so badly done. And then the whole “He did XYZ for me & has a dog!!! How could he ever be weird!!” *facepalm*. I was grateful for Eunho telling her to stop thinking this was some kind of fate or something, & for asking her to spill it in detail so he can dissect it, which, hee! Haven’t we all done with our friends XD

4) The SML continues to be a psycho creep & just keeps getting worse. His declaration in the restaurant made me gag, & the things he said about their “relationship” at their staircase, made me downright furious. I can’t believe the show is pushing this guy as a ROMANTIC second lead. Seeing Danyi interact with him disgusts me.

5) Something’s bothering me about Danyi though. Its in the choice of her words when she introduces Eunho to her love interests. She exactly words it as “a dongsaeng I know”, instead of “my dongsaeng”. This distinction is important because the former makes her relationship with Eunho sound more flippant, while the latter would be more accurate at describing how close they are. It’s why it irritates Eunho whenever she does that, back when she introduced him to her ex-husband, & now in front of the SML. It is interesting how she feels the need to downplay their relationship in front of people she might possibly get into a relationship with. It is indicative of an awareness of Eunho as a man, an acknowledgement of him & their relationship being qualified to be a threat to her other romantic relationships. And once you start seeing a good relationship from the eyes of outside people who view it non-platonically, well, your perspective starts to change. Doubts arise, questions…Maybes, What Ifs. It also makes me think of the moment when Danyi smiles happily as she sees Eunho playing with kids, but then sees Haerim doing the same & immediately controls her expression before leaving. Or the time when she got drunk while trying to teach Eunho how to drink & made a kissy face at him after applying red lipstick. While that, by itself, can easily be seen as her trying to disgust & annoy Eunho, when Eunho leaves after wiping the extra line of lipstick off her face, she wonders to herself if she didn’t look sexy. These moments connected for me at the restaurant scene & have made me wonder if….Danyi has liked him for a long time as well. But its a development I will not be fond of. There are a lot of things that become problematic then. The show would have to give me a really solid flashback from Danyi’s perspective, to get me to accept this without getting annoyed.

6) I actually cracked up when Eunho & Danyi started talking to each other over texts, right in front of the SML. It was hilarious.

7) Awww Haerim’s bookshelf letter confession was adorable, & I can’t wait for Eunho to find them. The way she crushes on Eunho is so relatable in the way she looks at him, gets excited over his ddakbams, sees his simple actions in slow-motion, etc. HAHA

8) SKDFHSIEULR LJS WITH KIDS we can always make our own, honey!

P.S. I had totally called Eunho’s “Home” dialogue. I HAD CALLED IT IN MY EP 1-4 REVIEW! HA!


    I’m really liking this show!

    1- Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence? I bet she wrote that and just left there for Dani to find and feel guilty.
    Yes, she did more creative input, the whole concept of marketing campaign was hers and she worked on the presentation and design too, she could have been a co-marketer but I understand there are other responsibilities she wouldn’t be involved and the hierarchy should be maintained, still maybe that will make you understand the criticism. They won’t bond until Ms. Go learns to stop feeling threatened by her, she clearly gives her silly tasks to make her feel like a very replaceable assistant, which also explains why she is kind of a villain.

    2- I’m not sure about Eunho telling SL all that being out of character, he is in very new territory and he doesn’t really know how he feels about her or if he would ever confess anything.

    3- I think you didn’t give Dani enough credit there, she was being kind of sarcastic, she considers him trustworthy, she seems like a very intuitive person so she used a funny way to explain the reasons, but there was humor in it and she was aware.

    4- I like the SML a lot, no idea why people think he’s creepy?

    5- I think it’s natural for her to not want men she is interested in thnking she is so close to Eunho from the start before even dating her.

    6 – me too

    7 – She is lovely but I’m embarrassed for the letters, he clearly doesn’t feel anything but friendship for her, to confess in writing is not proper considering he is her boss and it’s too serious to pretend it’s a joke later, this would stop their friendship. I think she is too smart to have done that.


      #4- I don’t understand either. I really wanted to wait until the recap comes out to say something.

      A few people have said he was moving really fast. I’d like to ask, with no sarcasm, how does dating work where these beanies live? He has had several encounters with DanI, she’s even had dinner at his house. Why is him making his feelings known ( to a man she’s not related to but lives with at that) creepy?

      #7- totally agree.


    200% with you on all this. The show is kind of inconsistent. Your #1 is the one that I most agree with. I was surprised to see people disliking Dan-yi for “doing someone else’s job and hiding her qualifications” but frankly I don’t think what she did was a big deal. So 1. Letting her do it, and 2. giving her credit for it within the company is fine. And Director Go is right – putting her name on the book is too much. *face palm


    Completely agree about #1. I didnt like the Director at first and now intrigued. I dont think it is anything personal. She is not there to be Danyi’s friend but her boss. I loved when she shut her “friends” down.

    I actually laughed when she was so happy that the younger second lead guy might fancy her. Her moment of I still got it.

    Loved the texting scene. I love all the scenes that show their complete ease together. Great chemistry.

    I hated the love notes. Then once she left those I was bothered by her leaving her clothes. I thought she had a bit of a crush, but thought she had compartmentalized it. I know he is her senior at work but just thought they’d established a mentorship/friendship relationship. But leaving notes just pushed it over a line for me, especially after he told her he is living with a woman.

    For whatever reason second lead guy doesnt ring my alarm bells. 🤷‍♀️
    The character and actor are kind of coming up bland to me, especially in scenes with our leads.