The Psychometric Guy Ep 7-8:-

1) I am dropping this. From the start, Lee An, the ML, had been the only thing that I liked in this series (& hey! Maybe even the noona who is played by Dasom). Everything else just fell flat & I couldn’t care less. But now, even the oh-so-adorable Lee An can’t keep me from dropping this show completely. I spent much of these eps just fast forwarding through everything, which happened last week as well, but this time I also FF’ed through Lee An’s scenes, which is new. Most probably cause these are the eps when the romance finally starts, & I am not here for it. The romance hadn’t worked for me right from the moment that the FL started interacting with An as if what she thought he did (secretly spying on her in the women’s washroom while she changed her clothes) wasn’t that much of a big deal. Something like boys being boys? Sure, we know An didn’t do it. But she didn’t, & yet was pretty cavalier about it all considering the weight of such a crime. She just pretended to be angry for the sake of fulfilling the “ML & FL must hate each other at the start” trope. So, since all this happened right in the first ep itself, its safe to say that the romance didn’t work for me from day one. The kiss also came out of nowhere, with horrible dialogues by the ML after it happened (WTF show). As if all this wasn’t enough, they just had to go & make the brother fall for the FL & *surprise surprise* she is the one who makes him feeeeeel despite having alexithymia. Just ew. Miss me with that bullshit.

2) I will come back if, somehow, the show makes an about turn & pairs up the noona with Lee An. Which is next to impossible, hence this statement XD But there was an odd scene in this week’s eps. It was odd how the drama showed her friend asking the noona – “Since when did you start depending on Lee An more than me?”. It wasn’t even done in a light hearted manner or shown as the friend just being jealous about it. It was shown as if it meant something more. So… never know? 😂

3) I do appreciate the drama for showing the women in the police force actually doing their jobs properly (wink wink nudge nudge Kill It). Especially the fight scene against the gangsters. I fully expected the ML to be doing 99% of the fighting & the FL just standing there getting hurt. So it was surprising to see that they made the FL just as badass of a fighter, & both of them fought together, next to each other, punching down equal number of gangsters. It would have been more realistic if the FL’s hair hadn’t stayed so perfect through it all 😂 No band can keep hair together after even half of the stunts she pulled 😂

4) The villain is psychic apparently, seeing how he bypassed the brother’s childhood friend, & the ML who he actually lives with & treats as his younger brother, & targeted the FL who….the brother has only met a handful of times. The villain probably read his mind & figured out his crush on her. The Psychometric Guy: A Dark Retelling of I Can See Your Voice.

So anyways, this & so many more other problems with this show, just makes it not worth it. Not even for Lee An (*sniff*), especially since now most of his scenes will revolve around romance.

P.S. Just when will dramas stop with the whole girl-says-no-but-is-actually-thinking-yes thing? It irritates me to no end, both, cause of how that shows what the world expects women to be like, & cause of how that fucks up the importance of CONSENT. Damn it if she likes him or wants to kiss him, just fucking let her kiss him first. Or not if she doesn’t want it! Let a woman’s no be a no, & a yes be a yes.


    The first episode really rubbed me the wrong way, but all the rave reviews had me thinking that maybe I misjudged it. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. Definitely not continuing with it.


    I’m loving it. I see it much differently than you do though. We’ll see what I think once it’s over.