Pfft. Blackpink on Flinch just made me go rewatch BTS on Flinch &, J-hope & Jin’s flinch will never not be funny (Jin legit looked like James just killed him & he was looking at them all from the other side). Also, as @therevels pointed out, V & Jisoo should totally be called back together for this game (this will never happen. Fans will riot). Better yet, make them take turns being the ones pulling the trigger and trying to distract the other by teasing them….and I don’t know why but my brain might have just shipped them a little while typing that sentence, even though I am neither a Blink nor an Army. Brains are weird.

J-hope, Jin & Jennie (wow look at all the Js) won’t even need to go behind the glass. They will be shaking like a leaf just by watching Jisoo & V do their challenge.


    Welp Jisoo and V once MC together (along with Jinyoung GOT7) here’s the link for your reference

    Also LMAO at J-Hope & Jin, they sold me with that gag reaction, even Corden acknowledged them😂 V & Jisoo will surely looks cute while bantering and it will be exhilarating to see J-hope, Jin, Jennie & Rose reacts.

    I hope the US TV shows can managed to invited BTS & BP at the same time for turning these scenarios into reality😂.