This song was a journey. I started it feeling very confused. The song’s lyrics are about having a lazy morning, but the track & their singing style feels more like a sensual serenade. What is this disconnect? Is this another The Eve situation? Then you reach the second half of the song & notice a handful of words, just a handful, that subtly hint at the presence of another person there, someone they are singing this to. Then it all clicks into place. F- ASDFGHJKL.

Also thank you, Baekhyun, for “simple is sexy, baby”. Didn’t know I would be getting attacked like that today.

P.S. This song reminds me of Consequence by The Notwist for some reason.


    Lol. The podcast I listen to always talk about …….the sexy side of EXO. Like they have a Christmas song that is just a song until you watch the performance and they start stripping, lol.


    This is my favorite CBX song! Partly because I love Sundays and being lazy 😅