Camellia ep 17/18 (I tried to write this as spoiler free as possible)

I know that many people didn’t like those episodes but I loved the writing of them (even though I might not have loved watching it play out on my screen). After the episode that said: mothers know when their children are in danger (which annoyed me to no end: this isn’t how that works) this one spelt out the danger of overprotective love. It showed that in mother/son triple mirroring which I really liked (and that makes me trust this writer for the final week).

First, we have Yong-Sik’s mum who loves him and wants the best for him, and thereby destroys his relationship with Dong-Baek. Dong-Baek loves Pil-gu and wants to keep him safe and tries to keep him out of the serial killer’s reach by suggesting he should live with his father for a bit. She doesn’t tell him why because she knows how protective he is. All those loving actions hurt the sons.

And finally we have uri lawyer (I think she’s the writer’s favourite too) who gets to explain it to her mother-in-law: you love your son and that’s why you were horrible to me, but this totally backfired and you ended up hurting him. This possessive, protective love is utterly damaging for the exact people you’re trying to help.

It wasn’t an easy one to watch but I thought it was a very interesting message to present to the audience. It’s not only abandoning children that harms them. It’s being overly protective and thinking that you know best, that’s harming too.


    same Hi Fi


    I give Mom some slack because she has been there for DB and Pil gu and while looking out for a kid is what you do, there is no excuse for DB.

    Sometimes you just get tired of helping adults who don’t want to help themselves. If Mom is doing this herself, of course she does not want her son to live the rest of his life doing it either.


    You put into words what I felt about these episodes.