It is possible for a boy and girl just to be friends. Friends can care for each other, hold each other when times are tough and mourn each other’s losses. This should have been the relationship between Man Woel and Chang Sung. They should have been just friends.


    Honestly I was expecting them to go the route of just being friends bc they both understand each other so well but then the romance just kinda popped out of nowhere so late into the drama too. But since it is here.. I would say the romance they have is a quiet/mature one that developed over time and something they’d both acknowledged but I didnt really expect them to act on it since you know CS might have to see MW off to the afterlife. So with CS and MW acting on their feelings, I can say I’m definitely going to expect some sort of tragedy by the last episode. Since if MW doesnt get sent to the afterlife, I’d feel like it would be a cop out. This whole series has been prepping MW to move on to the afterlife and if she doesnt that’d be disappointing. Ofc I’d love for her to stay, but I dont want another Angel’s Last Mission scenario.