I don’t understand. Why did the Captain sword fight with her when he intended to kill himself anyway? Had he been alive and they were together he would have been the prime example of an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Goodness.

#HDL rant.


    I don’t understand or like anything about him.


    My take is at first, he really want to be seen as a traitor/villain in MW’s eyes.. that’s why he bring his sword and fighting with her

    But then after MW successfully slashed his back — this is the part that I could never understand him —
    He goes a full melo mode
    Talking about YW
    About MW greets him as a beautiful bride 😒 and how he miss her

    And maybe.. maybe (me trying to rationalize his actions)
    after he said that..
    he felt MW began to falter and hesitant to kill him,
    so he decided to “help” her to kill himself (with her sword) so she can do her revenge

    Again.. acting like he knows what the best for this girl (without trying to understand her)

    Typical person who is full of himself.. an arrogant one.. thinking that the world revolved around him…
    I dislike this kind of man



      I actually thought the Captain’s storyline will be a redeeming part of this entire drama. I am not watching a Hong Sisters drama ever again.


        Despite my complaint about captain’s actions, I still love the show 😆
        Love MW and CS relationship
        Love with how they handle loss/death/grief topic

        I think I need to wait until two final episodes are out to give my final verdict for Hong Sisters 😅


          I honestly wish they were just friends. To me they don’t go as a couple. Just my opinion though 😊


            Maybe.. because we couldn’t see (the show didn’t show us) how they fall in love to each other (step by step) like many other romance drama, i think?
            That’s why when they decide to become more than friends, we feel confused/disconnected “huh.. since when?”
            Hehe idk 😅

            But, in my opinion.. we need them to become lover so the conflict in episode 14 can happen

            We need Manwol who loves CS that much , for her to face that kind of dilemma

            If MW only loves CS so-so or just a friend, I do think she will kill him for sure.. because her resentment towards CM is too deep


          But didn’t MW also love the other guy as her brother? He was not related to her but she loved him as much as he loved her back. To me, MW and CS just look like an ordinary employer employee. I see no chemistry between them 🙁