My life is really vanilla. Except for my epic largest than life childhood trope filled love story nothing major exciting has ever happened to me. However, makjang is there when you seek it and I have found an epic one to share. Please proceed with caution…Trigger warning…


    Reply 1988 is one of my most favourite dramas. Not because of the ‘who does she really marry’ trope but more for the family dynamics and the close knit relationship between the neighbours. I grew up in such an environment. It is not easy living your life when everyone has their individual noses in your business but the perks were great! Unlimited food source, group tv watching, outdoor sports, shopping and as my girl squad grew up – Gossip. Gossip was there in every corner. ‘Did you hear that uncle is having an affair with the wife of the other uncle?’ ‘Is it true that that mother in law harmonie was mean to her daughter in law?’ gossip was immense and countless.

    Enter the neighbourhood Spinster. I remember when I was much younger my auntie would say ‘if you don’t eat your dinner you will grow up and become like her and one one will like you’ as she shoved a mouthful of food into me. Our Lady Spinster was universally feared. She was the epitome of haughty behaviour and her tale were intertwined into nighttime stories for little children of ‘how not to act’. Reader, she was not immoral or anything. It’s just that she didn’t want to get married. Ever.


    *fans self as I sip my tea*


    I just read this whole thing and oh myyyy! The scandal!!! Thank you for sharing this delicious, delicious tea with us @renOlshi!