I have read so many posts on how RG is the perfect BF, so here is my post on why I adore DM. She is smart, loving, perceptive and empathetic.
Ep 11 was a perfect showcase of her character, seeing RG was struggling with the Lee Sol painting, she silently supported him rather than force him to divulge his secret.
She was quick to come clean about EG and never let their misunderstanding stretch unecessarily.
I also loved how passionate she was while talking about her fan collection (PMY was adorable in that scene).
For those who have read the manga, is DM’s character so well written or is it the PMY factor that makes it good??
PMY has been a personal fav since Healer and I think she brings this girl next door friendliness to all her roles.
Fingers crossed this show continues to portray a beautiful romance ❤between 2 adults who know how to trust and communicate( 2 things that kdrama OTPs never do😂😂
Also..can these two please date in real life. They just seem to be so in sync😍😍😍


    There is not one drama of hers where people don’t wish she dated her co star..


      And I’m sure all of her costars have fallen in love with her.


        lee min ho didn’t treat her properly and post breakup she took a break, gained weight, lost weight and came back with healer