So, I started My Fellow Citizens, and have thoroughly enjoyed the nine episodes (of the 30 minute kind) that I’ve seen. Why then do I keep pressing play on other random dramas. Like the Japanese one that is making me ragey, or the other Japanese one that is just kind of dumb. (Don’t ask which ones, I won’t tell you. First because I’m a bit embarrassed to be watching them? Second, well, I don’t know.)

Is it that I need to know that it sticks the landing? Am I afraid of another He’s Psychometric burn? (Still mad about that one btw. Poor Ji-soo. I hope you and Daenery’s are in fictional heaven discussing your utterly stupidly lame ends. You both deserved better.)

Anyway, I guess I’ll slink over to bad American television for the evening. Let me know next week of MFC holds it together in the end because if anything bad or dumb happens to my girl Park Hoo-ja someone’s gonna get kimchi slapped.


    So far so good? I think MFC is worth it just because it hasn’t fallen into a heap – despite being at episode 16 of an 18 episode season. Sure, they could completely screw up the last two but that seems less and less likely. I say catch up and join us next week!


    Lol, got to love a watch you are too embarrassed to talk about. Sometimes those are the best when overstressed or not feeling well.