A morning.

I vaguely recall the weatherman saying we were going to be hit with an arctic cold front this week. Bone chilling temperatures with the added bonus of dangerously cold wind chills. You know, the kind of cold where the air hurts your skin. Like, really hurts, and you can feel the moisture in your nostrils start to freeze, and your exhalations freeze on the scarf covering your face, and your fingers, toes, and ears go a bit numb in just a few minutes. That cold.

So, because I vaguely recall the weatherman telling me that fun stuff was coming, I checked the weather app on my phone before leaving the house.

Oh bugger, it’s -1.

I’ll need to warm up the car, because it might not like that shock to its system, so quick dash into the garage and get it running. Brrrr. I should add another layer of sweater to my torso. Where’s my warmer gloves? Shove a hat in your bag because I think you took the one out of the glove box to make room for the spare book. Boots? Do I want the clunky boots with an extra layer of wool socks? No, I’ll be fine, it’s not that cold. You’re not trekking through the woods or even a large parking lot. Suck it up. You’ll be fine.

Car warm. Warm sweater, long coat, gloves. Check. Check. Check. Let’s go.

You know those moments in which you realize that something is terribly wrong? When you realize that you have made blunder that has made you completely disconnect with the reality of your situation.

My realization came at the end of my driveway. Ummmm, why does my car’s thermometer say 32 when the app says -1? Is my car broken? Ugh, I don’t want to go to the shop to deal with this. What a bother. And that’s when I remembered I changed my app from Fahrenheit to Celsius the other day.

So, on this unseasonably warm February day, I added some unnecessary carbon emissions with the unnecessary warming of my car. I’m sorry earth, but I’m not very smart sometimes.

By the way, has anyone seen my warmer gloves because I never did find them?

Love, February