I am late to the party but i just started watching ‘The Last Empress’ and I have to say, Shin Sung Rok is one attractive man. I love his voice. When others were in love with Kim Soo Hyun in ‘My love from the stars’, SSR, his jaw line and Jun Ji-Hyun’s antics kept me through the series.

I’m on the 2nd episode but so far, there’s nothing much about Jang Na ra’s character. I am disappointed because I started the drama mainly for her but the drama is more than 20 episodes long, so I’m hopeful.
On the other hand, Lee Elijah’s character is so manipulative that I love her.


    Enjoying this series will only work in your favor if you lean in and accept the ridiculousness that is The Last Empress.

    Sun-ni get better though and also more outrageously stupid.