I’m somewhat confused at some EXO fans’ reaction to Chen’s marriage news. I thought most EXO fans were at least older now. I’m not a fan but maybe that’s why I was happy for him (which is weird for me because my first reaction to young people getting married is 😊) . I guess I was just glad that amidst the tragedies in K-pop, at least an idol is living the life he wants. At least, I hope that’s the life he wants.
The entitlement and extremely unhealthy degree of attachment to these celebrities, though. I understand some people feel slighted because the amount of dedication they’ve put towards their idols but reality is they have their own lives. You feeling sad is one thing, but like an emotionally and mentally healthy person, you’d understand it’s their life to live and you get over it. Not start a manhunt to have him kicked out of the group.


      I just read parts of the letter and…
      these crazy entitled abusive unhinged fans need help… quick…


    You should say this again, but this time to so called SUJU fans who petitioned to have Sungmin kicked out of the group for his marriage a few years back… Yes, it’s been a few years—6 to be exact— and Sungmin is STILL on hiatus from SUJU, and all the other SUJU members still feel like they’re on pins and needles every time someone mentions having Sungmin rejoin


      It’s insanely ridiculous to be honest. I wasn’t into SUJU during that time period so I didn’t know what was going on. I still can’t believe they more or less kicked him out for having a family.
      It’s the reason Kim Hee Chul, a 36 year old man – A GROWN ASS MAN – has to keep apologizing for being in a relationship even though the general fandom seems cool with it.
      I think the fact that the fandom can decide to be ‘cool’ or not on a such a personal and private matter is fucking ridiculous tbh.
      I also keep reading translated comments like ‘Chen should be sorry for tarnishing EXO’s image’ because of the keywords now associated with EXO is ‘father’
      Don’t they realize the problem in that statement? Like, how is being a parent tarnishing to one’s image? The fact that it is in fact ‘tarnishing’ is a problem!


        Yea… a click bait comments section of a Kpop news article came up on my Google Feed today and it was basically all just means comments about EXO-M and EXO… One of the larger comment threads was one that had a picture of EXO with only a select few members and the comment attached to it was something along the lines of “EXO should have just been these 6 members to begin with, and EXO-M should not have even been created/existing in the first place… I don’t understand why SM even bothered going thru all that trouble creating EXO-M”