I’m probably bending the rules a little, but I couldn’t not include Girls Generation 1979. Maybe I have a thing for 1979, but at 8 episodes (probably a midi-drama?) this was a cracktastic swirlie of laughter, friendship and the pangs of growing up whilst dealing with being a hot-blooded teenager during an uncertain time. The drama was whimsical, heartwarming and slice-of-lifeish which featured some of the best decade music hits. Sure, Jung Hee wasn’t the most selfless or loveable heroine, but she was realistic as a teen whose world revolved around a crush who didn’t like her back. The romance in the drama was a relay race of tag, (you’ll understand if you’ve watched it) but it was also sweet and endearing.
The social attitudes were so different back then and the drama makes it a point to create this old ambient atmosphere by driving in the different perceptions using true-to-life posters, attitudes, a curfew, war prep classes etc. So again, a recommendation I’d whole heartedly give.