I had originally sent a submission for the theme of the month but since I wasn’t published I thought I’d share my favs here, with some of my graphics to spice things up.
The best mini dramas make us care about the poignant characters that grace our screens for a few hours. They manage to make us feel for the tiny worlds that flash by in a couple of episodes. Binggoo is one such drama. Instantly within the first few seconds we’re catapulted to a boisterous 1979 with The Ronettes’ ‘Be My Baby’ playing in the background whilst a love-struck man runs to surprise his girlfriend.
Binggoo was a sweet, fantastical ride that handled time travel with a deft hand by creating characters we cheered on and teared up for because we were so utterly invested in their stories. It’s one of those few mini dramas that detailed their mains with snippets of back stories, realistic motivations and troubles, and growth arcs that left us stunned. Love was painted in its finest with the eager-eyed invincible young love between our star-crossed lovers to the devastating familial love that pains when family fades away or to friendship that leaves a mark even decades later. It’s a fun zippy mini drama that I’d recommend to anyone who’d like to sit back and chill with a show that’s as softly sweet as a lullaby.