I feel like I cannot fully express how much I love the conversation between WK and JH at the end of ep 27.

I love how WK didn’t blame JH in the slightest. I love how she thanked him, how sincerely she empathised with how much he must be suffering.

I love how that was what got to JH, how it made him blurt out the one thing that must’ve been eating him up inside this whole time.

I love how WK said everything he needed to hear, without the slightest hesitation. How she emphasised that he had made the right call, that he had truly saved her life.

I love how WK did everything right because she knew exactly what kind of a nightmare JH had found himself in. I love how JH was forced to take every word she said to heart because he knew that she knew, that she in that moment understood him more than anyone.

I love how the seemingly senseless tragedy in the beginning of this drama, which I was never able to understand from a narrative perspective, now makes perfect sense.

I love how JH started out as WK’s confidant, and she’s just returned the favour.