Just got to watching the latest Children of Nobody ep, and honestly waiting for the finale is giving me major anxiety.

I mean, I’m happy that GGD=OG!sis was confirmed (but alas, no half-sister SK) but at this point it was too obvious to really feel satisfying. Though I am delighted I was right about Shi-Wan being a parallel for WK, bc that was the biggest reason I was convinced about the GGD=sister connection from the beginning. That said, WK’s backstory feels far from over. What happened to dad? Why did stepmum blame WK for it? I’m also leaning towards stepmum not actually being responsible for GGD’s demise, bc it’d be too easy if all dad was guilty of was covering it up. After all, we never saw who beat GGD that night.

But the real cause of my anxiety is that I don’t see how everything will be wrapped up properly. How in the world is the writer going to fit in the rest of WK’s backstory, JH’s backstory, SY’s backstory, RC’s backstory and how it ties into the backstories of EH and the other boys, JH investigating seonbae, WK being in contact with RC (girl seriously, u got what u want, now pls tell JH), WK’s fallout with her stepmum, and who knows what else into the space of an hour???

I had every confidence in the author until now, but the fact that so much has been left for the finale makes me uneasy. This show’s been so well-written for so long, I’d hate for the ending to let me down. At the same time, I just can’t see how it could work at this point without leaving a lot of hanging plot threads.

(Unless they’re setting up for a season 2? Bc honestly, I’d be totally down.)


    I really hope they’re not setting up for a season 2. If any show needed to be self-contained, this was it. I can’t believe how faultless the writing has been so far – they even managed to make underwear PPL work with the plot. I’m tentatively thinking this may be the best show of 2019 – and in January too! I hope it brings it home.

    PS while I think it’s probably the Dad killed WK’s sister, I think there’s a real chance that WK accidentally killed her sister. And that twist would throw everything up in the air. Seriously, next episode would explode if that was the case.