While I kept yelling ‘noooooooo, WK! nooooooo!! it’s not worth it!! please just bloody tell JH!!’, I have to admit I also snorted more than once at the irony.

Once upon a time, WK very transparently told JH about her message to RC, only for JH to read the situation completely wrong and react the worst possible way, with a passive-aggressive switch to more distant honorifics + accusations she hadn’t told him everything she knew (yes, the boy was on edge from constantly defending her innocence to his colleagues, but still.)

Now though, WK is actually hiding messages from RC, and being super duper obvious with her fidgety fingers and wound-up snappiness, all while JH remains perfectly amicable if not downright placating when WK gets all touchy and upset over things he did not say.

JH definitely knows something is up tho. I saw him eyeing those guilty hands. He knows WK better and is reading the situation properly now. But why he isn’t saying something is beyond me.

Does he trust her to tell him if he needs to know? Is he trying to give her a chance to come clean first before pushing? Does he plan to just watch and figure it out??? JH can be so manipulative when he wants to be that it freaks me out when he’s hard to read.

Honestly, I just kinda wanna hit him over the head with a broom for being an accusative jackass when there was nothing, and sitting on his hands now when there is very clearly something.