The Untamed: the wonder of fan fiction

I’m not the biggest fan of fan fiction. Because most often than not, the characters felt really OOC, or the stories reminded me there’s a valid reason why I wanted to imagine myself what happened in the periods that the original story didn’t touch. Which is why, despite my love for The Untamed and Mo Dao Zu Shi, I firmly stayed away from those numerous fan fictions.

That is, until I stumbled into Zelda’s twitter when I searched for good fanarts and thoroughly fell in love with her spin-off comics. Who knows that Mo Dao Zu Shi story told from the weapon spirit’s perspective would be an even more beautiful and heart breaking experience? And I certainly didn’t expect myself to be this invested in Mo Xuan Yu’s story (that underworld adventure is so cute and a much-deserved happiness for this often forgotten boy).

Anyway, I need some happy pills after all those heart wrenching stories and unexpected surprise in the latest eps of the audio drama. Thankfully there’s this lovely compilations of Wangi and Wuxian holding hands throughout The Untamed. 😊😊

GIF credit to bella