I wish we spent a bit more times with little Fan Xian because he is simply awesome. I already miss his sassy remarks towards both of his teachers.



    I thought so too, but older Xian is awesome in his own right.


    This is one of those dramas that I wish we get to spend more time in the protagonists’ childhood because not only the character as a kid is awesome but the child actor is just in every way fantastic!! I let out a big “awwww” when I saw Zhang Ruo Yun at the end of the first episode. 😆 I mean, ZRY is also great but he gets several seasons….can’t we get more of him as a kid for just 2 more episodes?

    The child actor Hao Hao Lin is also absolutely amazing in Heavenly Sword last year!! He has a much bigger part there. Cannot wait to see how he develops as an actor in the future!