I didn’t expect to find myself liking the Fan family members this early on. Sure, some of them hate Fan Xian’s very existence itself. But compared to the real threat from the royal family, those hate only seemed petty and annoying at worst. Besides, what can I do with them being the provider of good laughs throughout the drama? 🤷🤷

Grandma Fan is a caring but strong old woman. Little sister Fan Ruoruo is my favorite. I just love the way she adore her big brother and willing to help him with anything despite them not being able to grow up together.

Fan Sizhe is growing on me, and it amused me to no end how much fun Fan Xian is having by outsmarting his little brother’s petty schemes. Every. Single. Time.

The stepmom isn’t as bad as I thought she would be and her brand of “truce” with Fan Xian is just as amusing as her son’s trickery. Having him saving her and Sizhe by insulting her son’s intelligence? Pfftt…

And while I reckoned that the father’s cold treatment and his plan to use Fan Xian as pawn for power should be something I hate, Fan Xian’s lack of care for that made me feel that it’s not something I need to be so hung up on.

I just hope that I don’t have to eat my words anytime soon. After all, I’m only 6 eps in and I know how drastic things can change in one or two eps.