The only drawback of this drama is the fact that the more eps I saw, the less scenes I can convert to GIFs for fear of spoilers. Because every little word and gesture matters here.

Thankfully, even in the middle of huge confrontation between 4 or so different sides in which everyone forced Fan Xian to stand in the eye of the storm, we still get this kind of funny convo. I couldn’t help chuckling at the Emperor’s nonchalant attitude that perfectly matched Fan Xian’s indifferent stance.

And it’s all kind of hilarious that the one person who managed to make Fan Xian flustered was straightforward Consort Shu, the second prince’s mother who was just as eccentric as her son. No death threat nor deadly challenge unfazed him, and yet he couldn’t even maintain his poker face in front of this woman’s frank and quick change of topics.