No more episode recaps for Mother? 😱😱😱

Four episodes in, and I’m already hating the lousy mother for existing and I think I’ve already killed multiple times (in my head, that is) that monster of a boyfriend that she has. I mean, I already know life’s never been fair, but how can these type of accumulated cells be allowed to sire such an innocent offspring (I know he’s not the father and he shouldn’t sure as hell become one. EVER!!!!)? And no, I don’t think I’ll ever get around to referring to them as humans because from the way they treat KHN, they don’t deserve to be even labeled as one. Ugh! See, I’m so invested! This being a work of fiction but being so close, if not an exact replica of someone’s life as of this moment is just too heart-wrenching. One could only hope for the best.


    I truly hope these two will suffer a lot of until the end.


      I couldn’t agree more although we’re not supposed to wish someone harm but some people just sometimes deserve it. Heh.