Tried very hard not to laugh so loud last night while watching ep 2 of Waikiki. *Tried*, being the operative word. *Tried* with minimal effort, really, and ended up laughing like I live alone and there’s no tomorrow! Okaaaaay! HAHAHAHAHA. That’s a bit too much. Good thing our little bundle of joy was sucking his way to dreamland that he didn’t mind his Tita laughing so loud. 😂 😂 😂

To say that the show is hilarious, for me, is an understatement. It just gives these big rofl moments without even trying that much. The characters are so alive that you forget they’re just acting. And by far, the cutest baby I’ve seen in kdramaland —- Sol! Awwwe. It just amazes me how the show manages to get the kind of reaction a scene needs from her. I hope this continues until the last ep. I’m still not shipping anyone as of the moment.

On another note, I watched Mother ep 5 after watching Waikiki which just drained all the good vibes I got from laughing in a blink of an eye, in a good way. Heh. That is if there’s actually a good way for that to happen. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

But I love just how the whole thing plays out on Mother, how it builds up all the tension after every episode. I know it’s depressing, but beautifully so. The cinematography and the OSTs matched the top notch acting that everyone is giving. I haven’t seen Lee Bo Young since *Save The Last Dance For Me* (waaaaaaay too long, really) and I never really liked her character back then, because *Helloo? Who would want the main male lead to not end up with female main lead? Duh!* (take note that this was before *second lead syndrome* came to existence, early 2000s). But here, she’s just Kang Soo Jin in the flesh. Maybe it helps that she’s a mom and all,but one can’t really disregard the fact that she can act. And boy, does she does it so well.

It broke my heart to have known that that lousy excuse of a human being didn’t happen to have murdered one child but TWO! TWO!!! Makes you question why such kind of something can even exist, live and breathe (something, because he’s not worthy to be referred to as our equals). Why can’t he just die the most horrible death there is in kdramaland!! Ugh! I so badly hope that he never finds Hye Na EVER but what’s a story without a conflict, right?

I still have a lot to say regarding how much I love the show, yes, love, that’s how invested I am. Haha! But I’m afraid this post would get longer that no one would actually bother to read it. So yeah, that’s it for now! TGIF,Beanies! 😘😘😘😘