I don’t think I’d be finishing Hwayugi at all. Got stuck around ep 16 and now having read ep 20’s recap I think I’m putting it on hold or dropping it altogether. Waaaah, atleast Eun Tak got reincarnated in Goblin. Tsk.

Is this the year of unfinished dramas for me? Eotteokke?? I meant to finish Two Cops and Jugglers months ago but I never did until now. Is Kdrama losing its grip on me? I definitely hope not!

On the bright side, I was able to finish Money Flower which was very heavy on the heart… so I’m keeping my hopes up.

I think I’d be seeing Mother until the end tho.


    Yeah I am the same. I did watch episode 19 and I think I just will leave that as the ending.