I have a theory about this whole stage shadow……..what if the changes made are like the writers subconscious imagining certain things but at the end the final decision is based off what gets written or drawn in the Manhwa……so that is why even though Dan Oh, Haru tried their best to change things, she still had to sort of die in the shadow to retain her character in the original Manhwa…..its like how writers describe their work sometimes that it feels like the characters they draw have life of their own….its still writers imagination creating those ripples but at the end it all comes back to what finally gets written in the story…so those changes made where subconsciously writers imagination running wild but at the end, its what he writes down or draws that becomes the final event which is why Danoh had to die in the shadow so that story can flow as intended in the book…..it a bit mind boggling but it makes sense because these characters are all figments of imagination of the writer so he still can change their fate when he wishes even if that figment of imagination grows its own trajectory…for a simple show as this…..that may be a bit too convoluted