#ExtraordinaryYou Ep 11.
What I don’t like is how the narrator of the story/the perspective we’re getting, is now Haru’s and not Danoh’s. I enjoyed the show much more when it came from Danoh’s pov, but this is common thing in Kdramas & love stories in general – the first half begins with the woman’s perspective, but later once they’re in a relationship, the man takes over.

What I do appreciate though, is how this has been executed in Extraordinary You. It’s a gradual shift that within the story makes sense. After Haru’s disappearance, Danoh (and Dohwa) have been too scared to try and change the story. And now Haru is taking over the task – I like the general idea that sometimes its ok to sit back, be afraid, because someone else is there to take over the reins.

But because the shift of the dominant storytelling perspective is such a common thing in romance, I’m a bit 🙁 about it.

What I do like about the show – cute HaruXDanoh moments. There’s no way boys are as gentle as he is, its a myth, a TV myth; but that’s why I watch TV. 🙂

I also really appreciate that I’m able to clearly see these characters are teenagers. They seem helpless and powerless after a point, much like they need the guidance of an adult to navigate this strange situation. They’re also self-centered – that Haru & Danoh don’t ever really ask Dohwa about his “romance”, that they haven’t asked Jin Michae all the right questions from the very get go – how did you remember, when did you start to remember, how did you understand stage etc – is telling.

LASTLY, a brief comment on story developments: its clear Juda and Kyung’s younger brother are self aware. No doubt now. I love this Juda. 😀

Somehow Kyung’s whole arc feels unnecessary to me – there’s already so much going on with two people in love despite a story they can’t control; the sinking realization that even now the lines Danoh says in the shadow are lines she said on the stage in “Flower” * – there’s so much to explore there. I’m looking forward to seeing how the show ties in Kyung’s arc as an antagonist, in with this, but so far, I don’t think the show needed to go there.

*Rowoon did so well in that scene. This whole show in fact, but especially these last few episodes, he’s been doing a fantastic job. He switches convincingly between Kyung’s Haru and Danoh’s Haru; and a third Haru that exists in “Flower”.


    I agree. Ro woon has been amazing so far. My boi keeps proving that he’s not just a pretty face time and again! I am sure all the Fantasys are super proud cause I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am!
    Anyways I kept hoping for an ost sung by sf9 or even just Rowoon(cause damn, his voice is the reason I fell for him in the first place) but i don’t think it’s happening ughh I am sad!


      Seriously! I’m so impressed with him. And he’s super funny on variety, plus so incredibly charming. The guy was born to be an idol – I hope he goes on to do well for I would love to watch him take on different roles and tasks over the years.


    The storytelling has been unfolding from Haru’s point of view because he’s the one who remembers what happened in Flower, not Dan-oh. Didn’t we also see Dried Squid Fairy’s memories from Flower? For some reason, they remember Flower and she does not.


      Yeah but it didn’t have to move to him. She could have been the one to remember. If knowledge is power, then Danoh has been sidelined by the show’s writers for Haru & Kyung.


    “ What I do like about the show – cute HaruXDanoh moments. There\’s no way boys are as gentle as he is, its a myth, a TV myth; but that\’s why I watch TV. 🙂”

    THIS!!!!! I mean I agree with all of the above but so true! Where can we find a guy like Haru??