@raonah 이번 주는 색에 대해 배워. 단순한 문장 펜덤 색과 만들 거예요.

우리 것세븐 펜덤 색이 초록색이야. 초록색 좋아해? 초록색 좋아해. 엔시티 펜덤 색도 초록색이에요. 스트레이 키즈는요? 펜덤 색이 없어! 왜? 너무 새로워?


    잘 했어!
    *단순한 팬덤 색 문장 만들 거야.
    *우리 갓세븐 팬덤 색은 초록색이야. It should be the topic particle when you are saying A is B.
    응! 초록색 진짜 좋아해.
    In the sentence about NCT you suddenly switched to jondaemal.
    Fandom is 팬덤.
    You’re doing great! I even had to look up words this time. You’re really going to be better than me soon 🙂


      [2] Why use 배웠어? I wanted to say, “this week I’m learning about colors.”
      [3] This sentence was so frustrating. Ideally, I wanted to say, “I’m going to make simple sentences using Fandom colors.” I don’t know how to use multiple verbs in one sentence yet outside of using 고 & 지만. It sends me crazy not being able to do that yet, but I’ll wait. Your correction makes sense. Keep it simple hades!!!
      [4] One day I’ll get my markers down.
      [6] That jondaemal switch was careless.
      [7] Another careless mistake.
      [8] To be honest, I had to look up some stuff to be able to say what I wanted. I didn’t know how to say about (something), and vocab like fandom which is still butchered. lol. And again, I’m a loooooong ways from that.


        1. Oh. I thought you meant you learned about colors in your most recent lesson. You could use the present progressive 배우고 있어 to mean ‘I am learning’.
        3. I’m not sure how to say that either 😄 I don’t know if @acacia is still lurking on DB but if she is maybe she could help 🙏


        @raonah I’m still lurking from time to time heh

        Hi hades! I’m definitely not as diligent with coming on db but I’ll help out from time to time. If you have any questions on my corrections feel free to tag me and ask. It might take a few days (like this post😅) but I’ll def get back to it!

        *단순한 팬덤 색 문장 만들 거야.
        This translates to: I will make simple fandom color sentences.
        Putting 단순한 before 팬덤 makes it describe the 팬덤.
        My correction would be:
        팬덤 색깔들을 써서 단순한 문장을 만들 거야.
        1. Dont be frightened by the additional letters after 색. 색깔 is another way to say color. Most people don’t say 색들을 so I chose to include it. 들 is an addition to make 색 into a plural. 을 is the article that indicates that a noun is the object of the sentence.
        2. 쓰다 is the root verb of 써서 which means “to use.” 써 is the active form of 쓰다 and 서 is the particle that works similarly to “so” or “and” as a conjugation.
        3. The 을 after 문장 isn’t necessary but it’s good to practice using particles. The hardest part of Korean is knowing when to use particles/articles after nouns and verbs. Practicing them will help you sound more fluent.