Secret Life of My Secretary, episode 8 — I’ll put my random thoughts in a comment below, as not to show spoilers on people’s feeds…


    Random thoughts:
    — Min-Ik (Dominik?) really should add more fishes, or sea life/plants to his aquarium. That poor fish looks quite lonely… (like him?)
    — GH needs to tell Min-Ik the truth now. Even if it wasn’t her true intention, she is playing with his feelings and that’s disrespectful. Not only that, but everyone but Mink-Ik is starting to find out the unusual sighting of the boss and his secretary.
    — what’s up with Min-Ik’s doctor being -conveniently- everywhere?
    — thank you Show for the song from “Car, the Garden”. I love it.
    — about next episode preview: so Min-Ik will have a sleep over at GH’s house? I hope he’ll get to meet and have a bromance with GH’s brother.
    — who is “the boss” the driver is calling? Is it really DJ?


      Huhu. I’m with you on #2. It’s getting serious and I’m afraid Gal Hee will have a hard time seeking for Min Ik’s forgiveness. That’s too much deception. 💔

      And for the “boss”, I’mthinking it’s DJ’s secretary/noona.


      As soon as GH lied, it was sure broken hearts for them and us viewers were incoming. MI will be hurt so much because he opened his heart to “Veronica Park” while GH will feel guilty for lying and have regrets (well even more than this week). The angst will hurt sooo much I”m not ready.

      I laugh every time MI’s doctor just popps up from nowhere. If it was from TLE’s writer, the driver’s boss would be him LOL More seriously, I think it’s MI’s uncle giving orders to the driver.