Pegasus Market final episode, random thoughts (while trying to remain vague to avoid spoilers):

— Aww, I can now imagine In-bae being the young girl’s overprotective father figure / uncle…
— Louis Vuittuuu ? lol
— I didnt expect that person to catch the discount man!
— I loved the ending credits when they showed the webtoon character (if any) each actor played.
— did he really do that to his hair?!
— I miss the Bbaya choir and dance shows.

I loved Pegasus Market.
Eventhough it was just 12 episodes, I feel that it was the proper length. The last episode was uneventful and we got to wrap the story up.
I’m not sure if the spin-off would be as good (will Kim Byung Chul join?), but I’ll definitely give it a try, if it’s available and subbed.

Sattuuu !