A nightmare woke me up in the middle of the night.

I dreamt that my boss and I were chatting over Skype, like we normally do at work. He tells me that he and his wife were watching kdrama again, and that he found this “kdrama site” where people would comment on them. Look, he says. There are people with such and such handles, there is this @halfmoon, and they have been saying such and such about these scenes. [ Visually, in the chat window, I see screenshots of what he’s talking about: some types of Bbaya scenes from Pegasus Market and some scenes involving Xu Kai ]. I freak out and wonder, what do I do now? Do I confess I’m halfmoon and share the fun with him? Hell, no!>

Then I woke up, freaked out a bit still, and realized it was all a dream. Phew.


    Here’s a cup of tea. Keep breathing…
    That was one bhefjuggkckr7y dream…


    We all know DB is on the internet but we all semi freak out at the idea of people knowing our activity here 😂 obviously that is the reason I don’t fangirl on facebook, I have my owm little anonymous fangirl corner here.