WWWSK Ep 9 is so pitch perfect that I find myself still in disbelief. It’s everything I’ve wanted from this show & they delivered it all in this ep. You’ve restored my faith in you, show, keep it up!


    (just figured out how to bypass the character limit, so I’m back)

    I just don’t even know where to start with this episode. I just love love that the entire focus of this ep is about Young Joon and Mi So and them navigating the new waters in their relationship, as they shift from being in working relationship to a couple, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I totally didn’t expect the show (or perhaps the webtoon too, I don’t know, having sworn not to read it and spoil myself) to actually handle this aspect.
    I knew there’d be some awkwardness around, but I didn’t think it would be tackled with such a delicate and discerning touch. As an outsider looking in, I could immediately spot the issues. They’ve been boss-secretary for too long, so for them to start dating it right away, there’d be much to navigate. (There’s a good reason why people discourage dating your co-workers, folks, much less your own boss…)

    Young Joon wants to be her equal, which he has demonstrated in previous episodes in little things like matching her strides, standing next to her instead of in front of her, etc. In fact, I had commented on this on another beanie’s post before, saying that for him to be truly equal to her, she’d actually have to quit being his secretary. I had wondered then about how he’d react to such a realization. More than that, he wants to be her boyfriend, even while at work, which of course now means he’s much more hesitant towards ordering her around to do every ‘little’ thing for him. It was good to see him recognize that and trying to work around it.

    It’s not just merely about him stepping down from his ego, because his ego has never been about putting down others or being mean anyway; it’s also about him respecting her as his romantic partner, about him not wanting to depend on her for every single thing. Young Joon is self-absorbed, sure, but he’s also very perceptive. We’ve always known that. Sometimes he’s a little slow, but once he spots an issue, he’ll do his best to rectify it—whether it’s learning what kind of date Mi So likes to go on or how to apologize when he has done wrong. It’s one of the things I love about him.

    This was all great already, but then show went and gave us Mi So’s side of the equation, and it got even better! Young Joon was all focused on being the boyfriend, but Mi So was more concerned about her role as a secretary, which is also incredibly important to her. It’s sort of interesting, how at the beginning of the show, she was all about disassociating from her secretary role, not realizing how ingrained it has become in her already, or how much self-confidence the role has given her. She went from this klutzy barely-qualified temp worker to an uber-competent legend amongst the secretariat department, and do you not see how much confidence she holds in her gaze now compared to 9 years before?


      That is why when Young Joon tries to do everything by himself, it hurts her pride. Because she really does pride herself on her work and gains so much fulfillment and satisfaction from a job well done. Him not letting her do these things makes it seem like she’s not competent, and that’s not something she can handle. I love that she communicated this to him. I love that they communicated with each other, period. I think this couple has always been pretty open with one another right from the start, which perhaps may be the result of 9 years together. They got upset, yes, but they also did not let it stew too long and snowballing into something unmanageable.

      When Young Joon showed up with the pork rinds, I swooned a little. The gesture seemed grand, but it’s the thought that mattered most. He just wanted to make it up for her, and if it takes a huge box of caramels or having to grill pork rinds to do so, then he’ll do it gladly. Remember, this guy is just as new to romances as she is, and the dork has always thought that blockbuster is the way to go after all.

      And that’s the crux of it. They’re both new to this dating thing, and that means they are bound to make a gazillion missteps along the way, but that’s okay. I want them to learn that they don’t have to follow some rule-book about what it means to be a couple. Young Joon needs to know that he doesn’t have to be her equal in everything in order for it to work, and Mi So doesn’t need to establish so rigid a line between work and personal life either. They just need to go at it their own way. Them being boss-secretary, and them being romantic partners, these roles don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They just need to make it work for them and nobody else. It’ll take some adjustments, but if it’s them, I feel they’d be able to do it.

      Don’t get me started on the wardrobe kiss cuz daang, was it supposed to be that hot, or is just a PSJ and PMY kind of thing?

      Here’s to hoping the whole kidnapping thing gets resolved soon (I know it won’t but one can dream). Also, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min next ep, can’t wait!!!


        Shoot, LMK and JSM’s cameo is tomorrow?! I still haven’t watched any more of the show. Gah! Time needs to stand still.


        *claps* Yes! I’m horrible at explaining myself so I always applaud anyone that can do it well. I agree with all your points. I’m so glad this show just keeps getting better!