to forgive the hiccups of BTIMFL think that the writer probably
1) got much pressure to create fanservice
2) pressure to include new PPLs
3) fainted, replaced by a newbie
4) was drunk
5) was kidnapped


    Hahahaha but now I need a drama about a drama writer who was kidnapped right before her show ended… that would be hilarious.


      LOL I was imagining that too while writing it. The story goes: there was a chaebol who wanted her to put their products into the script, but she refused, so a gangster kidnapped her and threatened that the actors and other crews would be sent to war(??), then they replaced her to finish the script. So, they finally aired the last episode. the writer went back home by bus. Everybody was saved and happy, except some fans who were expecting fancy finale ’cause they were trusting the writer unconditionally and ended up feeling bitter so they took revenge to the gangster. End.
      Season 2 begins… (help. this is so lame but I could not stop LMAO)


        I was thinking more she should get kidnapped for reasons UNRELATED to the show, like a kidnapping mix up maybe, or some silly birth secret that she just has NO TIME FOR because she has a drama to finish dammit, how could you two episodes from the end? And that’s all she talks about in the kidnapping and her kidnappers get really confused.
        And when she finally gets back and finds that THAT is how they ended her show she demands a second season hahahaha
        or something
        both work really 😛