Wait, it’s a new year already?
Wait, it’s half a week INTO the new year?
No one has ever accused me of timeliness. (Early, yes, late, sometimes, but precisely on time? That’s only for wizards)

Tonight is my first of 2020 to relax. So far this year has been filled with work, cooking, cleaning, the usual busyness that makes up the mundanity of my usual days.

Yet 2020 is already so different for me.

My work is at a new hospital, in a new city, in a new specialty. I’m still learning, and I’m lost half the time, but it’s interesting and scary and feels like I’m in school again except this time it’s real and someone help and… It’s a good thing orientation lasts so long for new specialties. I’m content with the work knowing I’ll be better at my profession afterwards.

After work today I drove to a Korean restaurant that had good reviews, and waited in the cold for my table for one, amidst the crowd of Saturday night get togethers. The food was delicious, the atmosphere low key, and I might definitely maybe have a new last shift of the week tradition. Someone has to be the fatigued contract worker eating tteokbokki in the background of the kdrama of life.

Right now, freshly showered, full of tteokbokki, wrapped up warmly with tea and a cat in my lap, my little apartment to myself seems horribly cozy.

Anyways, here’s to 2020, already ridiculously more full of peace than 2019 ever was.