So the Netflix drama Unrequited Love is basically the cutest thing that’s ever happened.
Luo Zhi has had a crush on 4 since high school. Even though she still likes him in college (they go to the same school) she’s not putting herself out there anymore. She’s tried twice (they wrote to each other on windows guys!) And both times something happened to make her think that they aren’t meant to be. Meanwhile, he had no idea she was who he was writing to back in high school, he doest remember her from back then at all but his every interaction with her now makes him like her a bit more.
But to heck with their stupid cuteness. It’s all about 4s roommate 6 and his massive crush on whatever her name is. He turns into jello whenever she’s around. He’s this big, tall, sexy basketball player and he sees this tiny tiny girl and he can barely get his name out and can’t look higher than his shoes and the second she bounces away he just….sliiiiiiides down because his knees have given out.
The weather is super pretty here right now. Unfortunately it’s out to kill me. Hopefully it will hold off until the health insurance kicks in.