I am rewatching INAR (in part to rid myself of all traces of Melting gross) and I had forgotten how a) hilarious and b) how heartbreaking and sad Kim Min Kyu. I don’t think he was even aware of how lonely he was until AG-3 comes into his life.
And on this rewatch I’m actually kind of feeling bad for our good doctor. He OBVIOUSLY is still hung up on Ji Ah (hello robot in her likeness that greets him every day with “Hello, I love you” we won’t go into the creepy factor, or the “master” of it all. Thinking too hard about it makes me loose my sympathy for him REAL QUICK). And he also OBVIOUSLY doesn’t understand why she dumped him (which probably has something to do with why he’s still obsessing over her however much time later. He thought that they were fine. From his (broken) POV she dumped him out of the clear blue sky when they were still deeply in love (if they were ever in love. I dunno.) or at least happy. The poor guy put a ban on the word sandwiches because he was going to town on one when she broke up with him mid-bite and left the building before he could even swallow and say, “Wha??!” But unbeknownst to his oblivious tuckus—he’s giving our poor male lead the tools he needs to have a SUCCESSFUL relationship with Ji Ah. “You need to show her your emotions!” Really, Mr. Robot? “You have to listen to her and be careful in what you say!” While he’s haunted by the word sandwich she has flashbacks of him basically calling her dumb in front of all of us smarty pants friends/colleagues. And then he turns around and does it again. With the same cluelessness.
I don’t remember, but you know, I’d bet in the beginning of their relationship Ji Ah probably found the doctor’s befuddlement and social awkwardness endearing. It seems something that she would probably be drawn in by. This super smart doctor who knows how to actually make the things that she dreams up, who’s cute and likes her…. I dunno. I’m digging the rewatch. Its such a good drama.


    the best drama
    keep an eye out for pi’s wisdom every other episode or so
    she tells it like it is i love her