Ok, I know I’m sympathetic towards Kim Min Kyu because the drama wants me to be and I’m not super sympathetic towards The Doctor because I’m not necessarily supposed to be but right now he and Pi are really getting on my nerves.
Dr. Butthead doesn’t want to remove AG-3 from kim Min Kyu because he thinks Kim Min Kyu is a perv (I mean…honestly, what does he think a healthy portion of his hyper-life like robot dolls are going to be used for? Dollars to donuts some sex toy company is going to swoop in there sooner rather than later and use the tech for hyper-realistic sex dolls. Come. On. Now. ) he wants to remove Ji-Ah because he still has the feels for her and he sees–not the Kim Min Kyu has feels for her as well because who cares how he feels but because he sees that Ji-Ah isn’t slapping him when he pets her head or hugs her or goes in for a forehead kiss. He’s jealous. Thats it.
And I so don’t understand Pi right now. Why is she being such a jerk?
I will say I laughed uproariously when Kim Min Kyu finally accepted that they were taking AG-3 back and there was nothing he could do about it only to come out of his bedroom to find the researchers all gathered around one of his cleaning robots. When he gave it a lovely little kiss on the forehead (if cleaning robots have foreheads) and researchers 1 and 2 looked at each other like, “OH! He’s not a perv he just kisses all of his robots!” and Ji-Ah looked at the robot with jealousy blazing? Hilarious.