Also, and this has nothing to do with INAR or dramas in general, really. But still. The weekend are terrible days to have off. When I have Fridays off that means I work on Saturday. But by the time I wrangle up enough energy to actually want to do anything other than lay around in my pjs everything is closed. Saturday is the same! Except by the time I’ve wrangled up the energy to go and do anything , everything is closed for the weekend! I had such high hopes for my productivity today. I woke up, made a to-do list, called myself tuckered out and laid on the couch for approximately 3.5 eps of INAR and now that I’m ready to go to the bank, work on my budget, call the doctor etc and etc and etc–all of those places are closed!
What I need is a Thursday-Friday day off combination. I could have Thursday to be lazy and sleep on my couch and recoop from the insanity that is the library (we had to call the cops twice this week! Twice!) and on Friday I would–in theory–be up and ready to do all of the things that I push back until my day off. It just makes better sense than Friday-Saturday days off.