Thank you so much for this show.
It was meta and hilarious at first. It took a turn for the sad, but never quite lost it’s spark.
It had its faults but overall I’m so happy I watched it. I’m fearing a bit of a slump after this.
Great performances by all. Honestly, it’s their chemistry and interpretation that make this show what it is!
Dan Oh was my spirit animal, Haru gave me diabetes, and I understood Kyung even if I couldn’t stand him. Nam Joo was the cringe king (i wish we had more scenes and more depth with him!). And Juda was not a perfect victim female lead. Yo go girl.

Special mention to Lee Do Hwa who STOLE EVERY SINGLE SCENE HE WAS IN.


    can someone explain the ending..
    so i assume, dan oh is a nameless character/extra and haru gave her her name.. i assume he is nameless character/extra too.. which is happy ending in this world because they are free to do what they want to do

    But who is main character? Nam ju again? or is he the poor kid to be bullied?

    Is saemi and the geeky friend the center of this story?


      I think saemi and the geeky boy are now main characters in this story.

      I believe Haru and Dan Oh are now both extras in this manhwa, leaving them complete freedom to do what they want. I don’t think Haru named her this time around. They just both regained all their memories simultaneously.

      Hilariously enough, all the lame characters in Secret are now “cool” in this new manhwa. (Although can we just say Nam Joo is still hella cool with his confidence).