Todays MITH episode was fun but I got kinda stressed out watching the members trying to master the steps in 1 night. I can sense that they were so worried of messing things up. Especially during LSG and SSR dance practice, imo they got the most technical dance and had to be in sync not only with each other but also with their partners.


    I was SO NERVOUS watching the performance, probably more nervous than they were, haha. I actually got up out of my chair and clapped by myself in my room when Sangyoon’s part was finished. I hope SSR will come back as a guest or even new member, he was good! Although he might be too traumatized by this episode. 😂


      Haha! Indeed he might be too traumatized by this ep 😂. But I wish he comes back too. He’s funny and mixes well with the others. I’m glad kviewers responded nicely to his guest appearance, many commented for him to be a fixed member. Variety show guest appearance success! 😆

      I read next week will be a friend special and one of the guests will be Jang Nara. Mannn…if SSR is also the guest next week (he isn’t), it could have been a TLE reunion! Hwanghu and Hwangje! Hahaha!