Ki Tae Woong don’t die 😢. I’ll loose my reason to watch Vagabond if you die, especially if it’s caused by evil ToD!!!!!


    This gif.
    We see him in the car. Car isn’t moving. But truck lights are.
    Next shot.
    Car is moving. Truck hits car.
    And because this is a frakking gif. And I’m watching it on repeat. These tiny editing details are a million times more noticeable. Sigh.


      I notice it too! And it’s annoying! Car is definitely not moving, he isn’t wearing his seatbelt. Then bam moving car get hit by moving ToD.

      Makes me think this is not what it seems maybe?! I will be so peeved if this is part of the drama and not some highlight editing error. I’m already annoyed it’s SSR in the car. I can deal if it’s anyone else, but no ToD can hit SSR.

      Burn Tod burn!!