SBS has canceled lots of dramas: Vagabond, VIP, Secret Boutique for baseball. Today SBS announced they are canceling 2 variety shows that are supposed to air today: Master in The House and Ugly Duckling to make way for baseball again. *sigh*

*conspiracy theory*
SBS’s upcoming Fri-Sat drama, Stove League is about baseball. It will air after Vagabond ends. So…I wonder is all this drama/variety show cancelling for baseball, a mere coincidence or an elaborate promo strategy? ㅋㅋㅋ 😆


    If I’m not wrong, Korea’s broadcast stations always have the practice of preempting shows for sports events. 😐


    Hmmmmm you might be onto something , I just wonder who is this person they hired as the head of their promo strategy department , I would’ve done better you know .


    If that is their strategy then they have a Jung Bok Dong (Pegasus Market) on their team. Giving out ideas as if to help promote, but secretly want to ruin the drama!

    But, I like the idea of no preemption when they air this drama during a baseball championship game though. They can just write the live game into the story. 😂😂