You guysssss, I think hallyu might slowly be making it’s way to Denmark!!

Exhibit A: While shopping I heard them play BoA’s One Shot Two Shot in between a bunch of Western stuff. I have never ever heard a Korean song played anywhere here before unless I’m the one playing it lol.

Exhibit B: I found a food stall for Korean food! Which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s beyond hard to find Korean food here. I think this might be the only place I’ve seen, actually. Just some decades ago the only Asian food you could get here was Chinese lol, so this is HUGE. (And it was tasty. Very tasty. And they played old Shinee songs on the tv in background *is not ashamed to have recognized which songs even without the audio*)


    here, people might not all be receptive yet, but they have become aware. there WILL be a breaking point when they will stop listening to the snobby local radio djs who are allstrong kpop haters, and decide on their own.

    we have several korean restaurants here, but they are really far from my house so I´ve never gone. I hear that Gotsu is always filled with people, it is a store and a restaurant in Tallinn.


      Most of the time when I mention I listen to Korean music people automatically assume it’s either Gangnam Style, or if they’re slightly more aware, people who can’t sing dancing around in silly costumes to pop songs. So… not that aware generally haha 😛