This is a main vocal with no official dance position slaying a solo dance O.O He’s also always given key points and the hard moves in their official choreos, choreographer knows what’s up lol *unofficial danceline ftw*

Army might recognize him as the tiny bean that Jimin(/most of BTS lol) won’t stop hugging and chatting with on music- and awardshows lol *literally the most clingy, chatty and adorable duo in all of kpop*
Actually Shawol, EXO-L and Starlight might recognize him too, for the exact same reasons pffftttt 😂
*really really really needs that Padding Squad collab Taemin’s been talking about* *…for science…*

(Their agency’s been deleting fancams, so this is one of the only ones left *silent sobbing*)


    That was fantastic! And he’s *not* a dancer?!? If he’s not a dancer in his group I can’t even imagine how good the dance line must be.


      Yay, I’m so glad you think so! 😁

      And yup, in both Hotshot and W1 he’s “just” the main vocal, they probably wanted him to be free to sing? Except then W1’s choreographer gives him super hard moves cos he’s actually one of their Top 3 or 4 dancers lol 😂 Poor guy often has to sing while doing weird moves and yet still sounds stable! But yeah they have a really good danceline ^^

      Hotshot has a really amazing main dancer, I’m planning on sharing a clip of him if I can find it hehe, but Woonie is probably their second best ^^

      He’s part of the “Padding Squad” circle of friends which are all good dancers lol (him, Jimin, Taemin, Kai and Hotshot’s Timoteo)