When she said this….I could feel my heart break. She probably knows its wrong for her to be so mean. its not his fault, she was the one who intruded in his space. But still she’s hurt and she feels the need to lash out. Yes, she wrong for doing so but what can she do? The embarrassment and pain boiling inside her won’t stop. When ji-ho did what she did, it felt painful, heartbreaking, wrong but also very human.


    I could relate to her on the anger. She just came out from a 3-year one-sided love pinning for someone who say nice things to her and build up her hope but didn’t mean it. So when she misunderstood Se Hee, the pain feels even worse. I mean, she’s probably blaming herself for falling for the same ‘trick’ again. Poor Ji Ho! I feel like I wanna hug her.


    Ah, I just responded to someone else’s with nearly the same words that you did. What she was feeling was so raw and human. Like you said, you know that it’s wrong but it’s also so relatable.


    I was feeling sympathy for her till she snatched away the food like that. It’s beyond evil to punish someone whose faults were being straightforward and kind.


      True, I can’t disagree with you. It was wrong. I just want them to make up like tomorrow. My heart can’t bare any animosity between the two of them.


      I wish I could hug Se Hee too when he didn’t get the food. It’s painful seeing him hurt underneath that robotic exterior. However, I couldn’t see Ji Ho as evil here. She has her reasons. She was under the assumption that when they’re living together it means they are sharing things, after all, they seem to have the same wavelength, and had understand each other well. She thought she could understand him. She thought they’re partners. It’s embarassing when she was wrong. So she probably decided not to share anything anymore as per his instruction – and not sharing the food was probably her retaliation and self-realization to draw the line. It’s a way of guarding her heart from being ‘wrongfully shared’ as well. Or perhaps she’s thinking that she should no longer do things that would hurt herself.