*loooooong post alert*
*but i am sure you’ll be happy by the time you finish this post*
Hello my lovely beanies…
i have a good news for you all… and this is something i am sharing only now as initially i wasn’t sure if this is going to be something for long run as i never considered it a significant part of my creative journey but it happened somehow.

So as you all know I left my IT job ( of good salary and an amazing designation last year) and after that i spent 6 months exploring what to do in Photography to take it to next step… it never happened. I attended workshops, did so much of free work (for friends and even for random people)….. and it never worked as a mean to earn any money with it.

But with God’s grace few months back I got a chance to work for a renowned personality in my city as a video editor for her YouTube channel. And I was literally on cloud 9 the day it happened. I always made MVs just for fun and time pass but now i am actually earning doing the same, though the amount i am getting is wayyyyyy to small as compared to my salary. But it feels like a dream everyday i work on a video…….

And i am so so so happy but anxious at same time with all the financial troubles (if my earnings wont increase)…. still this was something i wanted to share with you all who helped me, encouraged me and remained by my side during my tough days. Thank you so so so much to you all…. *hugs* *kisses*

special thanks to @ally-le for being my lighthouse during my darkest phase……

*and if by any chance you managed to read this long post… big big thank you too*