I caved and watched LIFE on Netflix and it was good!!! Not as good as Forest of Secrets (as several Beanies had said) but it was good !!

My overall feelings:

I loooved Gu Seung-Hyo ! What a complicated man! I really liked him as the not-Bad-All-The-Time Bad Guy, and actor Cho Seung-Woo was brilliant in bringing out the nuance of such an easy-to-hate character. I’m glad he didn’t get a special redemption arc, because, let’s face it, he is the way he is and has no shame in being ruthless, but the way he mellows a little with Dr. Lee No-Eul was just adorable. And can we talk about the wonderful boss-subordinate relationship he had with Team Leader Kang? So respectful and trusting! I loved that (ruthless) duo!

Dr. Oh Se-Hwa was suuuch a badass woman! I was clapping for her all the way! You go, lady! Dr. Lee No-Eul was good too. A little naïve in thinking that she can “fix” or “change” a man, but she wasn’t stupid and she had a good head on her shoulders.

The brotherhood was a complicated one. While I loved the bromance, I also didn’t understand Jin Woo’s tendency to over-protect. It felt like Sun-Woo would suffocate under all that attention.

Jin-Woo was ok. The show spent a lot of time saying, “yes, he’s a whisteblower for his own sake, but it worked out for others too”, but I didn’t really align with all his constant nosiness and the manipulation, even if it was for the greater good. As Dr. Oh asked him in the later episodes, “Isn’t the emergency department busy??!?” coz he sure spent a LOT of time in the hallways.

Any way, over all, a good way to spend 16+ hours. Glad I watched it.

Thanks for the recommendation, Beanies !


    Pres Gu Seung Hyo and Dr Oh Se Hwa are my faves! Glad to hear you enjoyed thr show. 😊