When you Google the words Tilda Dramabeans to understand who in the hell this Tilda person is that every Beanie makes reference to.
#IdidntWatchINAR #lol


    Hehehe – I even google Tilda Dramabeans after reading your post. I watched INAR but had forgotten Tilda’s name (but once I saw a reference to Johnny I remember who she was and what she did). Bad Tilda.


    Or when you binge-watch INAR after it finished airing, having read most of the fanwall posts about Tilda, and you scratch your head wondering how the hell such a fleeting character made such a huge impact on the beanies. I still don’t get it. She felt so unimportant and forgetable while binge-watching.


      She essentially killed her boyfriend who had the same condition was MG to get his money, and was the reason, if I remember correctly, for the final conflict in the show that lead to their separation. So yeah… we don’t like Tilda hahaha


    I kept hearing it too. But never bothered to google! Now I know.
    I binged INAT with a lot of Ff And this made no impact. I guess the live watching beanies had fun with Tulsa character.