The smile sure has left everyone’s eyes now… 💔

Now that the K-version finale is behind us, I’ve finally given in and read the Japanese version. I must say, the K-version was much easier to assimilate and process in my mind. I would have needed weeks of recovery from the emotional scars that the J-version would have given me, had I watched that one😨!

In the end, like most kdramas, it truly all boils down to “proper, honest and straightforward communication with no noble-idiocy-secret-keeping”🤔😑. If only Jin Kang had known more and EARLIER… *sigh*… Both men in her life turned out to be well-intentioned but over-protective and incapable of seeing how strong-minded & solid Jin Kang truly was — and that led to where we are today: morose, with cute montages and joyless somber hearts over a tragedy that could have been avoided, had Jin Gook and Moo Young just trusted Jin Kang’s amazing love and patient determination😔.

Great cast. Awesome cinematography.
Good melo. 💔💔💔


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    for me, it’s easier to invest in MY-JK romance compare to Ryo-Yuko romance. I like complexity of jversion, that i ended up to hate basically all main characters, lol. but the one that i hate the most is how Ryo died under stupid misunderstanding of Yuko. Seriously, Yuko was so dumb in that final scene. I really wanted to bite my pillow. thanks God, writer is smarter in this kversion. when I saw JK started looking for MY, I was afraid it would end up as jversion was, where Yuko thought the real reason he approached her was because he wanted to kill her beloved brother (i know, dumb right?). Like, really, Yuko ? After spending so much times with him, saying you trusted him and ignoring other people who said otherwise, suddenly drew conclusion without even checking it ??? gaaahh…That’s why i love JK. She’s able to see thru MY lies, and smart enough to know MY should have reason to pull the trigger first.

    I think, there’s no noble idiocy here, except that JG ego to keep away thinking it was for her best, when it’s actually for his best. I also don’t see why MY should tell JK. JG and MY problem is their problem, that needs to resolve between them, in their own way, their own pace. letting JK knew earlier or later, the result would still be the same. JG would have reached out to WZ’s sister and the damage still happened.

    aww, still heartbreak…guess i will re-run all episodes this weekend.


      Moo Young’s father killed Jin Kang’s parents. Then Jin Gook killed Moo Young’s dad. It’s all very much interrelated, like a bad chain reaction and so very much Jin Kang’s business, i.e. She should have been told about all this aaaages by either her brother (who spent all that time warning her with 0 explanation) or her boyfriend (who also pushed her away with 0 closure or explanation).

      And noble idiocy is truly all about ego — thinking you’re sacrificing yourself for your true love, keeping them from a bigger hurt, yadee yadee ya. Remember when Moo Young asked Jin Gook to watch over his sister and make sure she knows nothing? Flawed noble idiocy, in my opinion.

      Overall, I’m glad I watched the k-version only. Jin Kang is a real soldier of love, smart & discerning, even as she fell in love w the Worst Case of Bad Boy out there.